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The links below are for dentists and patients seeking further information on various aspects of dentistry. Some of the labs and dental materials used by Dr. Alex are listed.

We hope you find them useful.

General Links

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 

COSMETIC DENTISTRY” This is an excellent site with all kinds of good information on various aspects of cosmetic dentistry. The site was put together by Dr. David Hall and is continually updated. – Lot’s of good information on various aspects of Cosmetic Dentistry and help in finding a reputable cosmetic dentist in your area. MyNewSmile.com

Information on NTI, TMD, and headaches
(Jim Boyd has done a fantastic job on this site) 

Dawson Center for the Advancement of Dentistry:
Great place to learn about occlusion and the concept of comprehensive dentistry.

Pankey Institute:
Some of the best dentists around have trained at Pankey.

HDiQ Dental:
Great site for on-line dental education with many excellent speakers and topics. Put together by Michael Russell (1-800-460-4030 ext:702) Use promotion code “GALEX” and the $99 sign-up fee will be waived,

“The Dental Advisor”
Great site for product reviews and evaluations.
Click HERE for link.

Below are some of the labs I use and recommend: Be aware that the lab you use is very important but the specific ceramist at the lab you use is more important. Most labs have a number of ceramists but only one or two capable of doing high-end work on a consistent basis. Find a specific ceramist whose work you like and develop a personal relationship with that person. This is VERY important. Expect to pay for high-end ceramic work.

Hakjoo Savercool
San Diego Aesthetic Dental Studio – Phone: 619-920-2580. HakJoo is a true master and does most of my high-end cosmetic cases.

Ask for Steve Pigliacelli  631-249-7520.

Frontier Dental Lab
Nice pressables and veneers. They have done some great work for me. Kenny is a great ceramist. Call 800-790-3999 and ask for Brent. frontierdentallab.com

A solid full service lab. They have done some very nice work for me. Ask for Larry Borman.  631-888-0700 Tetradynamics tetradynamics.com

Matt Roberts – Matt is one of the finest ceramists around.  He is also a fantastic teacher and teaches other ceramists and dentists word wide. His  lab phone # is 800-210-3401.  teamaesthetic.com

Jurim Dental Studios
(Adrian is one of the best- I have used him on a number of veneer and pressed ceramic cases (just make sure he does the work)! 

Great Lakes Orthodontics

(many good products relating to occlusion and I use them for most bite appliances and nightguards): I like to use a Flat Plane upper occlusal nightguard/splint at the completion of all my reconstructions and/or cosmetic cases. This protects the restorations, opposing teeth, and acts as a retainer. They should be fabricated on models that are mounted on a semi-adjustable articulator (much less adjusting in the mouth):

BioTemps Lab
(I use for many of my provisional restorations – 800-411-9723.

Roslyn Dental Lab
(Frank Saccente is capable of beautiful posterior PFM restorations and I use Ed Stoll for most of my gold work): Phone 631-424-7880http://www.roslyndentallab.com/

There are many good products out there. I mention some below that I have found useful and use on a routine basis. I know there are many other excellent materials that I have just not tried or am not familiar with. I have no commercial interests in any of the products mentioned.


Vitrebond Plus, RelyX luting Plus, Unicem, Filtek Supreme Ultra (my g”go to” compoiste), Rely X Veneer Cement, Durelon (for temporary cementation – mix with Vaseline), Soft-Lex Discs (I mostly use “Thin” version), LAVA crowns, Porcelain Primer (silane), Pentamix 3 Machine, ProTemp Plus is a BisAcryl based temporization material that I also like. It has much higher compressive strength then other BisAcryl based materials and may hold up better in longer span situations that involve unsupported pontics.

BISCO Dental

One-Step Plus, All-Bond 3 in ACE clicker, Choice 2 (for veneer cementation, DuoLink, Biscover LV, Z Prime (for zirconia bonding), Modeling Resin (to wet metal instruments when shaping composite), Composite placement instruments (lots of useful shapes), Raptor burrs (for initial defining of occlusal anatomy with posterior composites), Porcelain Bonding Resin,Bis-Silane (two part silane), Porcelain Etchant HFl (get the 9.5%), Core-Flo Self Cure (I use for almost all my core buildups). BISCO also has some good posts.

Coltene Whaledent

Alpen Swiss Diamonds – Various shapes. Rubber Dam materials.

Kulzer- Comprecaps are a must if you use Expasyl (Kerr) for hemostasis and retraction. Durafill VS along with Renamel(Cosmodent) will hands-down give you the most polishable (long-term) anterior restorations. Both of these are true microfills and polish like glass. Just remember they are not as strong in high stress areas as other composite materials.Charisma has been around for a long time and is still a nice Composite.

Nobel Biocare (Implants)

I really like the Replace Select implants. I think they are among the easiest to work with from a prosthetic standpoint. Great company with great support.

WhipMix– Whipmix acquired Waterpik in 2007 and they now handle Denar and Hanau articulators. I have use the Anamark Plus (Denar) in many of my occlusion programs along with theSlidematic Facebow (which is compatible with a number of different articulators). The Anamark Plus is a simple, durable, and not overly expensive articulator. I also like the Combi II(not the original Combi) that is now used at the Dawson center. The Mark 300 series of articulators are the latest addition to the Denar line and they are exceptional and I highly recomend them.  I have tested them and they appear to be very accurate in terms of cross-mounting casts (bite is the same no matter what articulator in the 300 series the casts are mounted on). They are also very lab friendly, use only magnetic mounting plates, and well constructed.  More information on these systems from Lorena (llighthart@whipmix.com).Whipmix also makes a number of fine laboratory stones and equipment.whipmix.com

Zenith Dental
Luxitemp, Honigum (we use for Invisalign impressions – If you use a lot of Honigum the “WhipStar e-Motion Mixer” is well worth the cost).

I have tried almost every ring system out there for interproximal contacts in class II composites and it’s hard to beat the V3 Ring system. The ring itself is very well designed and durable. The matrices are anatomically designed. I recommend the entire system (rings, matrices, wedges, forceps). Contact person is Sue: sue@triodent.com

Just of a few of the smiles created by Dr. Alex

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