Some 2014 programs

  • January 10 Orlando, Florida:
    Full day program on adhesion and dental materials.
  • March 19th Hauppauge, NY (Long Island):
    Evening Lecture for Suffolk County Dental Society on Direct Composites.
    Sponsored by Suffolk County Dental Society and 3M ESPE.
  • April 3rd and 4th Maryland:
    Two full day lectures for master level AGD held at Maritime Conference Center in Maryland on various topics including occlusion and comprehensive dentistry, materials, adhesion, and porcelain veneers.
  • April 1-3 Orlando, Florida:
    AACD National Meeting
  • April 18 Occlusion 1 – see below flyer
  • May 16th River Edge, New Jersey:
    Full day meeting on Occlusion and Comprehensive Dentistry held at NJHPDI (201-342-2204 for details).
  • June 6th Long Island, NY:
    Full day program sponsored by the Long Island Center for Advanced Dentistry.
    This will be the first in an education series of lectures on various topics. To register and for more information visit: http://www.longislandcad.net/

occlusion rogram 2014

2013 Lectures and Programs by Dr. Alex

  • Toronto, Canada (January 18th):
    Full day Lecture “The Marriage of Esthetics, Occlusion, and Comprehensive Dentistry”. Sponsored by the Toronto Crown and Bridge Study Club. Contact: Dr. Avi Wurman (awurman@rogers.com). Link for information: http://www.tcbsc.net/
  • Washington DC (February 7th and 8th):
    Nations Capital Dental Meeting. Lecture Thursday on direct composites, adhesives, and materials in the morning and porcelain veneers in the afternoon. Friday will be two hands-on programs (placing posterior composites in the morning and prepping and placing porcelain veneers in the afternoon). Link for information: http://www.dcdental.org/capmeet.asp
  • Long Island, NY (April 5th):
    First in lecture series by the “Long Island Center for Advanced Dentistry”. Program one will be on the placement of posterior and anterior direct composite restorations. Adhesive systems, dynamics of composite polymerization, anterior layering techniques, materials, and much more will be covered.
  • Chicago, Illinois (May 10th):
    Full day program for the Chicago AGD. “The Marriage of Esthetics, Occlusion, and Comprehensive Dentistry”. Link for information: http://www.agd.org/constituent/calendar/month.asp?chap_id=IL&eventID=9330&type=&date=5/10/2013&month=5&year=2013
  • River Edge, New Jersey (June 7th):
    Full day program “The Marriage of Esthetics, Occlusion, and Comprehensive Dentistry”. Lecture and hands-on program. Sponsored by NJHPDI (New Jersey Health Professionals Development Institute).
  • North Shore/LIJ Hospital, Long Island, NY (September 10th):
    Evening program on composites and adhesives. Contact: Dr. Bill Campbell (wcampbel@optonline.net).
  • Long Island (October 4th):
    Morning lecture for “Dentists for a Better Huntington” on Direct Composites and Adhesives (sponsored by 3M ESPE). contact Dr. Brian O’lear for information brilau1@verizon.net
  • Indiana (October 11th). Full day lecture on occlusion, esthetics, and comprehensive dentistry. Hosted by Dental Study Club of Northwest Indiana. Contact: Lisa Jarzombek ljarz@comcast.net.
  • Long Island, NY October 18th:
    Full day program on occlusion.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana (October 31st and November 2nd):
    ADA National Meeting. Thursday lecture on composites, adhesives, materials, and more. Friday will be two hands-on programs on direct composite restorations and bonding to zirconia. More info at: http://www.ada.org/session/5474.aspx
  • Florida (city to be determined): Dec 6,7.
    Program with Dr. Bob Margus of various aspects of composite and adhesive dentistry.

2011 Lectures and Programs by Dr. Alex

  • Additional programs will be added as dates are finalized
    Jan 7 Orlando: Full day on Occlusion and Comprehensive Dentistry. Program is sold out
  • Feb 26 Chicago Midwinter meeting:
    FULL DAY: AM program-Porcelain Veneers planning to placement. PM program- Hands-on program on adhesion and direct posterior composite restorations (sponsored by BISCO and TrioDent).
  • May 18 Boston AACD meeting:
    Lecture and hands-on program on occlusion (sponsored by WhipMix). Program is sold out
  • August 25-28 Wonewok, Minnesota:
    3M ESPE Opinion leader Meeting.
  • September 8-11 Chicago: BISCO Opinion leader meeting.
  • October 7-9 Las Vegas:Opinion leader meeting sponsored by Triodent.
  • November 4 Nassau County NY:
    Featured speaker at “Nassau County Dental Society Blockbuster Symposium.” Full day program on the integration of comprehensive dentistry, occlusion, and aesthetics. Contact Jim Garnett, NCDS Executive Director for details and to register jgarnett@nassaudental.org
  • Nov 27 Greater New York Dental Meeting:Dr. Alex will be presenting several programs on the placement of direct composite restorations. Sponsored by 3M ESPE.

2010 Lectures by Dr. Alex

  • January 15 – Huntington, NY at the Huntington Hilton –
    “Smile Long Island” full day program with 5 dynamic speakers. Program is sponsored by Coltene Whaledent. Dr Alex will be speaking on direct composite placement and adhesive systems. This will be a fabulous day covering a number of topics. Call Nancy Vesce to register (631)-406-7212.
  • January 25-29 Maui, Hawaii – “Adhesive Dentistry Update.”Comprehensive program by Dr. Gary Alex, Dr. Ron Jackson, and Dr. Byoung Suh on various aspects of adhesive dentistry including porcelain veneers, posterior and anterior direct composites, bonding to Zirconia, etc. Call: 800-563-6252 or 604-689-3446 to register.
  • February 25 Farmingdale, NY – “Porcelain Veneers: From planing to Placement.” Evening program at Marotta Dental Studio. Call 631-249-7520 to register.
  • March 19th Mohecan Sun Casino in Connecticut. One-half day on porcelain Veneers and 1/2 day on Occlusion and Comprehensive Dentistry. Sponsored by Tetradynamics Dental Lab – Contact Larry Borman at lborman@tetradynamics.com
  • April 21st Huntington, NY – Greater Long Island Dental Meeting.
    Three hour evening lecture on direct composites and porcelain veneers. Sponsored by Coltene Whaledent.
  • April 26-30 Grapevine, Texas – AACD annual Meeting (these are great meetings).
    Dr. Alex will be conducting three hands-on programs. 1) Face-Bow Transfers and CR bite records; 2) Direct Posterior Composites. 3) Cementation of indirect restorations. AACD.ORG to register.
  • Nov 31 Greater New York Dental Meeting:
    Dr. Alex will be conducting a hands-on program on adhesion and direct composite restorations.
  • MAY 19th 2010 Plainview Long Island
    Sponsored by Tetradynamics Dental Studio
    Limited Attendance-Evening Program call 631-421-4408 to register
    The Marriage of Esthetics, Occlusion, and Comprehensive dentistry
    A unique lecture experience – 3 1/2 credit hours
    Presented by Dr. Gary AlexPatient demand for cosmetic dentistry has never been greater. This has led many dentists to invest considerable time, effort, and money, mastering various cosmetic procedures and techniques. While this is commendable, it should be recognized that it is one thing to be able to make pretty teeth, and an entirely different thing to make pretty teeth that actually last and function in harmony with the rest of the masticatory system. An acceptable cosmetic result, without regard for function and/or parafunction, will often result in premature case failure. What the truly successful clinician of today requires is a logical and systematic methodology in approaching cosmetic/restorative cases that will lead to a reasonably predictable and durable end result. This requires a practical understanding of fundamental occlusal principles, materials, and more importantly, just how to use them. This program will stress the concept of comprehensive dentistry and show how to predictably treatment plan and provide dentistry ranging from porcelain veneers to complex full-mouth reconstructions.

    Envisioning the big picture (total dentistry for total success)
    Cosmetics and occlusion (it looks great, but will it last?)

The comprehensive exam (the place to start)
Anatomy and diagnosis of the TMJ (occlusion begins here)
Introduction to occlusal science (force be with you?)
Facebow transfers (why and how)
Centric relation bite records (bilateral manipulation, Lucia jigs, Leaf gauges, and more!)
Esthetics and function (why you must have both to be successful)
How to approach a full mouth reconstruction (CR? MIP? NM?)
When to use CR…and when not to!
Vertical Dimension – How do you determine where it should be?
Neuromuscular Occlusion (fact or fiction?)
Effective lab communication (a critical key to success!)

This program is continually one of the highest rated programs at major dental meetings.

Dr. Alex is past program director in occlusion for Esthetic Advantage and Pac Live.

DATE: May 19th 2010 5:00 – 8:30 PM (Refreshments will be served)

PLACE: Residence Inn, Plainview, Long Island COST: $185 dentists – $95 staff

2009 Lectures by Dr. Alex

Additional programs will be added as dates are finalized

January 23, 24 – Great Neck and Huntington NY
Lecture and hands-on programs on occlusion and comprehensive dentistry.
Programs are full

February 6th – Rhode Island
Hands on and lecture on Porclelain veneers.
Program is full

March 13,14 – Malmo, Sweden
Two-day lecture and hands-on program on occlusion and comprehensive dentistry and porcelain veneers. Contact person fredrik.wennerlund@telia.com

April 3rd Port Washington, Long Island:
This is the first of three programs sponsored by NYU School of Dentistry and Jason Kim labs. These programs will make you a better and more profitable dentist. Topics to be covered over the three courses include, occlusion, adhesion, cements, porcelain veneers, treatment planning, simple and complex reconstructions, and LAVA and other zirconia-core based ceramics. There will be live closed circuit patient demonstrations (preparation and placement of veneers and/or zirconia crowns) as well as attendee hands-on experience using dentiforms. Please contact Menzel (menzel@jkdentallab.com 516-828-4933) for more details and to register. Other programs in this series to be held May 8th and May 15th.

April 17th – Broward County, Florida
Full day program on Occlusion and Comprehensive dentistry. Contact: Dr. Mark Forrest 945-435-0100 ext:204

May 8th – Port Washington, Long Island:
Second program in three course continuum sponsored by NYU School of Dentistry and JK Dental Lab (see April 3rd for details).

MAY 13th – Paramus, New Jersey: Full day program on “Occlusion, Comprehensive Dentistry, and Esthetics”. Sponsored by Bergen Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates. Contact Karen Ferguson at 201-488-3976.

May 15th – Port Washington, Long Island
Third program in three course continuum sponsored by NYU School of Dentistry and JK Dental lab (see April 3rd for details).

April 27-30th – Honolulu, Hawaii
AACD National meeting. Dr. Alex will be running two lecture/hands-on programs. The first one is sponsored by BISCO and will deal with techniques for the successful placement of Porcelain Veneers (Wednesday program). The second course (Monday) is sponsored by WhipMix and will deal with ways of finding and recording finding Centric Relation and just how to use a facebow (this program is sold out). You can register for these programs by going on the AACD website (AACD.ORG).

Presented By:

Dr. Gary Alex, DMD

The successful integration of prosthetics, cosmetics, interdisciplinary dentistry, and occlusion, is a powerful combination that can elevate your practice to new levels of care and service. This program will tackle fundamental occlusal principles and find answers to many of the questions you’ve been asking. What exactly is the difference between centric relation (CR), centric occlusion (CO), and maximum intercuspation (MIP)? How do you find and record centric relation? When is it acceptable to use MIP as opposed to CR? How important is anterior guidance? Where do you start in full mouth rehabilitation? What about other occlusal philosophies? What’s this “envelope of function” stuff all about? How come face-bows are so important? This program will provide a rational and methodology for tackling difficult restorative, prosthetic, and cosmetic cases. The program consists of a five hour lecture followed by an intensive full day hands-on program the next day.
Envisioning the big picture (total dentistry for total success)
Cosmetics and occlusion (it looks great, but will it last?)
The comprehensive exam (the place to start)
Anatomy and diagnosis of the TMJ (occlusion begins here)
Introduction to occlusal science (force be with you?)
Facebow transfers (why and how)
Centric relation bite records (different techniques!)
When to equilibrate (and when not to!)
Esthetics and function (why you must have both!)
How to approach a full mouth reconstruction
NTI’s – rational and fabrication

This program was one of the highest rated and best-attended programs at the recent 2005 Chicago Midwinter meeting as well as the AACD 2002 and 2004 national meetings. It was taught at both PAC live and Esthetic Advantage Masters programs in occlusion and comprehensive dentistry where Dr. Alex was program director. Dr. Alex has been described as one of the best teachers in dentistry today. The hands-on part of the program is limited to ten dentists.

Dates offered 2009:


January 30-Feb 3: Boston, Mass. – Yankee Dental Congress:
Porcelain Veneers – three lectures and hands-on programs. LINK for more information

Febuary 6-10: Puerto Rico (Annual Dental Convention). Lecture on Various topics.

March 26-30: Palm Beach, Florida – Aesthetic Advantage Alumni Symposium: – Occlusion, adhesion, esthetics. LINK for more information

April 11: Toronto, Canada ODA meeting:
Full day on Occlusion and Comprehensive Dentistry.

April 25-26: Tufts University Dental School (Boston, Mass.) – Two day program post graduate lecture and hands-on program on Occlusion and Comprehensive Dentistry. Sponsored by Tufts University Dental School.

May 6-10 – New Orleans, Louisiana: AACD National meeting. Dr. Alex will be conducting several hands-on programs.

May 14 at Stony Brook University Dental School Long Island NY:Three hour lecture/discussion on porcelain veneers and comprehensive dentistry. Contact the dental school for details (631-632-3054).

September 19th Birmingham, Alabama: Full day program entitled “The Marriage of esthetics, occlusion, and comprehensive dentistry.” Sponsored by The University of Alabama School of Dentistry(205-996-6494) .

October 16 and 17 – Charlotte, North Carolina: Thursday evening program on direct composites followed by full day program Friday on Occlusion and Comprehensive Dentistry (AM) and Porcelain Veneers (PM). Call Mehul Gadhia for details 704-541-8090 (drgadhia@bellsouth.net).

October 24th – Port Washington, Long Island:Three hour afternoon program on “The marriage of occlusion, adhesion, and cosmetic dentistry”. Presented at the new teaching center at Jason Kim Lab – call Menzel at 516-829-4933 for details regarding the program and venue.

November 21- Virginia: Full day lecture entitled, “Occlusion and Comprehensive Dentistry: The Power of Centric Relation” and “Porcelain Veneers: Planning to Placment.” Sponsored by Northern Virgina Dental Society (703-642-5297).

Just of a few of the smiles created by Dr. Alex

Dr Gary Alex and Consumer Guide to Dentistry

Gary Alex has been selected to be a reviewer and have his before and after photographs featured on the Consumer Guide to Dentistry, a comprehensive resource with reviewed content about cosmetic dentistry,dental veneers, dental implants,teeth whitening, orthodontics, oral health and much more.

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