Handouts Articles for Dentists

Many of the course handouts and published articles by Dr. Alex can be found below. Please feel free to download any which might be useful to you.


  1. Universal Adhesives – The Next Evolution in Adhesive Dentistry (read more)
  2. Total Etch is Dead – Evidence suggests otherwise read more (read more)
  3. Preparing Porcelain Surfaces for Optimal Bonding (read more)
  4. AACD Is Occulsion and Comprehensive Dentistry Really That Important (read more)
  5. Adhesive Considerations in the Placement of Direct Composites (read more)
  6. Fundamentals and New Concepts in Impression Taking. (read more)
  7. The Use of Resin-Modified Glass Ionomers under composites – Should they be used to help control microleakage. (read more)
  8. New Material and Cementation Options(read more)
  9. IDV11N 8_Roundtable_4th_FINAL (read more)
  10. Total Etch is Dead? Published in Compendium 2012 read more
  11. Adhesion: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Published 2009 Compendium (read more)
  12. Adhesive considerations in the placement of direct Composites
    (published in – “Functional Esthetics and Restorative Dentistry” 2007) (read more)
  13. Is Occlusion and Comprehensive Dentistry Really that Important?”(published – “Inside Dentistry” February 2007). (4 AACD Is Occulsion and Comprehensive Dentistry Really That Important)
  14. Preparing Porcelain Surfaces for Optimal Bonding (published in – “Functional Esthetics and Restorative Dentistry” 2008). Re-published in Compendium summer 2008). (read more)
  15. RMGI Liners under CompositesShould they be used to help control microleakage?published in “Inside Dentistry” Dec 2005 – Dentin bonding agents alone may not be as good as you think they are! (read more)
  16. Comprehensive Dentistry the key to predictable smile design”
    Published in AACD Monograph – Interesting comprehensive veneer case involving “gummy” smile correction (read more)
  17. Considerations for the successful placement of laboratory processed indirect composite restorations” Compendium 2003 (read more)
    A Multidisciplinary Approach to Implant Restorations
  18. Some course Handouts
    1. Care of Bonding and Veneers (read more)
    2. Veneers Provisionals (read more)
    3. General Guide to Full Mouth Reconstruction (read more)
    4. Commentary by Peter Dawson on the CR vs. NM controversy (read more)
    5. Composite Placement Handout (read more)
    6. Esthetic Evaluation Form (read more)
    7. Photo Release (read more)
    8. TMJ and Muscle Exam Sheet (read more)
    9. Example of Workup1 (read more )
    10. Example of Workup 2 (read more)

Just of a few of the smiles created by Dr. Alex

Dr Gary Alex and Consumer Guide to Dentistry

Gary Alex has been selected to be a reviewer and have his before and after photographs featured on the Consumer Guide to Dentistry, a comprehensive resource with reviewed content about cosmetic dentistry,dental veneers, dental implants,teeth whitening, orthodontics, oral health and much more.

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